A Tale of Teeth and Crawling

2 big events for the day:

Brandon lost another tooth! He had been working on it all week. Here’s what happened as he told me this morning. “I was eating my biscuits and there was something crunchy. I tried to chew it but it was too hard so I swallowed it. Then I thought it was my tooth. I swallowed my tooth!” Our score so far: Tooth Fairy – 5, Brandon’s Digestive System – 2.

Connor just crawled all the way across the house! He started by my computer and crawled all the way to Brandon’s room. He is really feeling the Olympic Spirit, it seems. Also, he is starting to say “Ba Ba’. Is it Bottle? Brandon? Bite? Or just Ba Ba? Me, I think it is “Da Da” and he has a speech impediment.

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